Friday, May 11

SyFy cancels The Expanse

What a bunch of dicks.

The best Science Fiction on the small screen and has gotten better every season. Then they go and cancel it after this years Season 3!

Yeah I pointed out previously that this was a cool show, with real physics and a great story. Something for everyone.

The streaming series is based on the books by James S.A. Corey, the last of which is due to be published next year.

If you haven't seen it yet on Netflix, then you should (along with the new series of Star Trek and Lost in Space!). Season 3 should be on Netflix this October.

In this video clip a Martian marine (political asylum seeker Bobby) and a UN diplomat (Chrisjen) escape in a space racing yacht (The Razorback) pursued by a large UN (Earth) battleship. The ex-Martian corvette Pinus Cortana come to the rescue. Chrisjen is seen passing out every time the Razorback accelerates and the crew of the Pinus Cortana get thrown about a lot whilst manoevering to shoot the torpedoes launched by the UN ship.
The fighting ships have no armor (they need to be light and nimble to keep fuel consumption down), so the Pinus Cortana's crew suit up and store the ships air in a safe place in storage tanks during a battle. They don't want it escaping to space when the ship is holed by a shell or bullet from the UN ship.

Friday, April 20

Fully Charged Live at Silverstone

Roberts Fully Charged project is having a Live event at Silverstone racing circuit on the 9th and 10th June this year. You can register for tickets now. Apparently they have a lot of companies showing their electric cars, bikes, low carbon energy systems like solar energy, batteries and other stuff and there will be talks and other great things.

Sunday, April 15

Don't let his death be in vain

David Buckel a prominent US lawyer took his own life this weekend to highlight the damage we are doing to the planet. We can never do to much to preserve the planet for future generations.

Mr Buckel used fossil fuels to set himself on fire and he left a note explaining why he took his own life.

Friday, April 13

Poppy Sculpture at Fort Nelson

The Poppy Sculpture originally displayed at The Tower of London is now on display at Fort Nelson:

The sculpture will be at the fort until 24th June 2018. 

Saturday, April 7

Litter at the entrance to B&Q

I visited B&Q recently to buy some paint and other DIY stuff. Whilst walking to the DIY store I looked down the embankment between the road entrance and the motorway bridge I spotted anormous amounts of Fast Food takeway litter.

The fact is a lot of it is in a location that would imply that it was thrown there by people in cars visiting the store and not cars passing the store heading for Leigh Park or Walmart.

The packaging is from a variety of sources including Kentucky Fried Chicken and McDonalds.

It is sickening, especially as I believe the store provides bins in the car park.

I think authorities need to put in temporary cameras that will capture licence plate numbers and catch the culprits responsible.

As well as that I think the Fast Food businesses identified by the packaging along with B&Q need to get the mess cleared up.

Sunday, April 1

Robert and Jonny talk electric vehicles and rapid charging

Robert Llewellyn and Jonny discuss the Geneva car show and rapid charging EVs.
Have to say that Fully Charged has grown from a small niche video channel into a mainstream automobile video channel, with Rob and Jonny getting invites to discuss and review Electric Vehicles and low carbon tech all over the world. It is amazing how electric vehicle technology has developed in the 11 years this blog has run. Technically it was inevitable, but politcally it is surprising how much has changed. The main problem is Trump and his nationalist policies to desperately prop up the outdated American car industry. But I think (and pray!) that it will be a minor moronic glitch.

Anyway, here is the video: